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Stress-free, mentally strong and successful - with more time for the important people in your life

Balancing career, sport and private life

Are you an ambitious athlete who wants to excel at work and sport and is tired of suffering from a lack of time and stress?

As a former ambitious triathlete with a full-time job, I know the double burden too well - benefit from my experience!

Together we will unleash your full potential and you will easily achieve your goals. With my online programs, you not only gain more time for family and friends, but also learn to manage stress with simple methods. This not only strengthens your mental power, but also increases your performance.

Are you ready?

Time management

Effective time management enables athletes to make time for themselves and their loved ones. 


Targeted relaxation reduces stress and thus promotes mental strength. 


A perfect mindset enables athletes to focus on their goals, overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.

Stress Management

helps to maximize performance, recover faster and lead a balanced life.

Mental strength

is crucial as it provides the basis for endurance, resilience and the ability to cope effectively with challenges


Preparing healthy meals doesn't have to take a lot of time. If you know what you eat, when and how much, it's done very quickly.

Your partner for more time and less stress
ZeitRaum Coaching

Together we will reduce stress, manage your time and improve your mental strength.

This will increase your performance and you can achieve all your goals!

Saskia from ZeitRaum Coaching - less stress, more time

TimeRoom Coaching

Hello, I am Saskia,

a former ambitious triathlete with a full-time job and now a yoga teacher and a specialist in stress management.

For years, I experienced for myself how challenging it can be to juggle ambitious sports training and a full-time job. This double burden often pushed me to my limits and stress was a constant companion.

My sporting path has taken many facets and twists and turns, from gymnastics and wrestling to running sessions, which have become increasingly ambitious over time. The highlight was my first marathon in 2008, a personal triumph that further ignited my love of running.

But as life goes, an injury in 2010 brought a change. To take the pressure off my knee, I "tried" triathlon and was immediately infected. However, with my ambitious training came stress and a lack of time. 

You can read what happened next here

It is my absolute conviction that everyone can lead a balanced and fulfilling life. I look forward to showing you how you too can balance everything!

Voices of my customers and partners

Period Customer Triathlete and student
Vanesa Triathlete and student

Your course has completely changed my life as a triathlete! Thanks to your help, I have more time for family and friends, while being more relaxed and stronger throughout the season. Your strategies have shown me how to achieve my goals without overextending myself - I am incredibly grateful to you for that!

ZeitRaum partner Zebraherz in Munich
Henny Zebra heart - period for movement

Your yoga classes are simply incredible! Your calm and intense approach inspires every participant and leaves us all feeling relaxed and fulfilled. You create an atmosphere in which everyone can explore their limits and at the same time completely calm down - that's just fantastic! You are a true master at inspiring and relaxing us!

ZeitRaum Coaching client runner
Walter Thai boxer, runner, project assistant

Thanks to your support, I now juggle training, work and my private life effortlessly. I have learned to optimize my time management and rearrange my daily routine so that I now have much more time for regeneration and personal activities without having to give up my intensive training program.

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