Less stress -
more time for the essentials

As a very ambitious competitive athlete with a full-time job, I was constantly faced with stress and overload. Combining my passion for sports and the desire to help others relax, I created my
"TIME Method"*.
With this I support you, as a working athlete, in the context of my balance coaching to get job and training under one hat and to create time for the essentials in life.

Who needs Balance Coaching?


The double burden of "competitive sports and job" leaves you too little time for the essentials in life. 

Friends and family see you far too rarely and you have little or no time for other interests. You also wish for more peace and quiet.

Inner peace

Serenity is not really your companion through everyday life, you are rather tense than relaxed.

More and more often you find it difficult to concentrate during the day. Switching off in the evening becomes increasingly difficult and you often lie awake brooding.


Most of the time you don't have time for relaxation and breaks, so your productivity at work suffers. 

You wish you could enjoy short time-outs and know how to use relaxation methods and reduce stress.


Your performance in work/ or sports stagnates.

It is always a greater challenge to focus on something and "perform". You will not reach your target competition weight, no matter how much you train.

My offer for you

I would be happy to support you in successfully dealing with stress and show you what you are still capable of!

1:1 Coaching intensive

You want individual support on your way to the destination "more time". Together we will work out techniques in three months with which you can reduce your stress, get your job and training under control and then you even have time left over!

Individual needs

For competitive athletes, it is often difficult to cope with the stress of everyday life. That makes it all the more important to find time to breathe. This is the only way to be successful in the long term and maintain your performance. We find out individually what you need to reduce stress.


1:1 Coaching & Online Program

Do you like to work through topics on your own, but also want the opportunity to ask the expert direct questions? Then my three-month coaching package with online program and 1:1 calls is the best support for you to have time for the essentials again.

You, me and us

Find out how you can easily reconcile sports and work and still find time for the essentials in life. You can work through the online program at your own pace and, if necessary, ask questions directly to the experts or the community.


Online program

Are you tired of spending hours looking for relaxation techniques and / or the right time management in books or on the Internet? But still want to have access to the content at any time - preferably also read, listen or watch?

Self is the woman / man

You don't need much support, but you'd like to find all the info on stress reduction, time management, and relaxation techniques in one place. You also enjoy different types of media such as audio and PDF. For the exchange you like to use group calls


About Saskia

I bring competitive athletes* to more TIME

Do you want to develop your inner strength and draw new power to master everyday life with ease? Then the ZeitRaum Balance Coaching is just right for you! With my expertise as a professional athlete and now a specialist in stress management, I offer you individual support that is tailored specifically to the needs of working athletes. With my support, you can achieve your goals and shape your life the way you want. Discover your power now and find relaxation and serenity again.

Saskia Schweitzer

Years and more

*You are a competitive athlete in this context if you train more than 5 hours per week and regularly participate in competitions or league events.

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