Yesterday (12/21/2022) it actually looked like it would not get light at all in the morning. The darkness persisted stubbornly. No wonder, yesterday was the shortest day of the year - the winter solstice. At the same time, this day is the astronomical beginning of winter.

As of today, the days are getting longer again, the brightness returns. However, for the time being only in the form that it is bright every evening a few minutes longer. Until the beginning of January, the sunrise even shifts a few minutes back, so it will be light again later.

Light in winter

For me, this day has been the best day of the year for years. I have a hard time coping with the oppressive darkness. Not only does my body often signal that it's "ready for bed" by 6:30 p.m., no, I also feel like I'm locked in. The longer it is dark, the shorter the time is for me in which I can breathe freely.

The day of the winter solstice, my "day of the year", represents a new beginning for me. It gets light longer again, the sun comes and there is more daylight again. Yes, I know it still takes time to really feel it. But it's just the feeling I have on this day. Such a bit of departure, optimism and lightness.

Yesterday I celebrated the first time the winter solstice with a ritual.

12 blocking candles representing the past 12 months, a large new candle and incense were ready for this. We started with a meditation to find more to ourselves and our inner being again.

Afterwards, the 12 blocking candles were lit.

Winter solstice ritual with candles

In silence, everyone reviewed the year. With all the beautiful memories and challenges. Afterwards we had a short exchange. After that, the new, personal blocking candle was lit. This candle accompanies us from 25.12. through the Rauhnächte. What happens in these nights and how to celebrate them, you will learn in my next blog.

Many thanks to Beate Tschirch for the wonderful instruction for the winter solstice. It was a wonderful ritual for the end of the long darkness. I am already very excited about the Rauhnächte.

Even if you don't know anything about rituals, myths and customs, the coming days often offer the opportunity to pause and reflect on the year. Remember all that was. Let go of what you do not need (anger, rage, sadness) and enjoy the beautiful moments again. Maybe there is also something that you wish for the new year. Be it serenity, more energy, stamina, .... In the nights from 25.12. - 6.1. you can "internalize" this wish again and again. And who knows, maybe it will come true then?

If you are looking for tips for less stress and more relaxation for the end of the year or the coming year, feel free to look here