Who does not know that we have time for everything and everyone, but not for ourselves and our well-being. The daily hamster wheel of job/study, training, household, family and friends often overwhelms us. If then also the time for relaxation is missing and only stress remains, the first health (physical and / or mental) impairments appear quickly.
Our energy slowly sinks, we then also sleep badly, become irritable and/or more and more exhausted. Motivation is lost.

This makes it all the more important to allow yourself small "oases of calm" every day.

If you don't want to read on, just check out Saskia's performance.

Break on the mountain

The hamster wheel

From her own experience, Saskia knows that people like to take on more than is good for them. In 2008, she completed her evening degree (business studies) within a few months, prepared for her first marathon and worked a full-time job on the side.

Over the years, things haven't really calmed down in her life. Until she realized that she needs to look after herself more again. She also needed to take more time for rest in order to reduce stress and have more relaxation. First health impairments appeared (sleep disturbances, exhaustion, depression)

For this reason, she has been looking for a way to feel full of energy and healthy. Thus, yoga, stress management, meditation and Ayurveda came into her everyday life.

Who is Saskia?

Let me first tell you a little bit about me.
My name is Saskia Schweitzer and I was born in December 1974 in the most beautiful city in the world, Munich.

Sports and nutrition have been an important part of my life for years. Originally I was a gymnast, later I was active in women's wrestling for a few years. After a few years, I became a runner and went to the gym. Here I also took my first yoga classes. From the beginning, I liked the dynamic, intensive Power Yoga classes more than the classic, static classes.

At some point I discovered long-distance running for myself and participated in various marathons (Munich, Vienna, New York). Due to knee problems I ended up in triathlon. Influenced by Jan Frodeno's Olympic victory in Beijing in 2008, I found my "fulfillment" in endurance sports. For more than 12 years I competed in Germany and Austria. I swam, cycled and ran thousands of kilometers in training, did strength training and sometimes stretched my stiff muscles.

Saskia at the Ironman


Saskia's path to yoga & co

In 2021, it was supposed to be the Challenge Roth (3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42.2km run). And then, after months of intensive preparation, someone pulled my "endurance plug" in March 2021. Nothing worked anymore, all motivation was gone, the inner pig dog asphalted me into the couch.

At this time I was already doing more yoga and so I finally decided to tackle the training to become a yoga teacher. No sooner said than done. In addition, I completed the training to become a Blackroll® trainer.

2022 I realized that relaxation, exercise and nutrition make a total package that leads to more well-being and energy. Thus, I have decided to complete the classic training nutritionist / nutritionist vegan. The whole thing is rounded off by the basic training Ayurveda. As a supplement I am also IHK specialist for stress management, in order to be able to support also on mental level. Because somehow we all have stress.
In the second half of the year, my yoga therapy training will take place.

When I'm not on the mat/ sitting/ standing or studying, I like to take care of my family (husband and 4 cats), dive through the Red Sea or the Bavarian lakes, take care of my green oasis on my balcony and of course I still go to work (IT at Deutsche Bahn).